Villa Industrie Chimiche, founded by Mr. Pietro Villa (1908 - 1984), begins its activities in 1962 with the production of chemical auxiliaries for the textile industry. Among the products originally devised and marketed there are two adhesives for fabric printing called VISTASOL.
Owing to the evolution of the market, these adhesives gradually gain importance within the product range of the company.
Starting from the first two adhesives new grades are developed, targeted on different customers needs
We are thus following the principle of market orientation, which is set out in the marketing manuals. appearing in the U:S: in the early Sixties as one of the key success factors of a company.

The Vistasol product range today comprises more than fifteen grades, also including aerosol adhesives for screen printing.

The company is constantly at work in order to enhance its ability to sadisfy customer needs, so as to keep its leading position on the Italian market and to widen its presence on foreign markets. The positive results obtained thus far are due to the fundamental accomplishments of Mr. Pietro Villa concerning the development of formulations; this work is continued by Mr. Gianpiero Villa, our founder’s successor; of no less importance are the skills of our first-class collaborators for production, marketing and administration.

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